Employee Nutritional Profiles

American businesses spend over $125 billion annually on employee learning and development. While demanding more from top performers, those working over 11 hours per day have a 1.5-fold increased risk of developing coronary heart disease often related to diet, stress and exercise routines. The employee nutritional profile is designed to help corporations offer solutions for their employees by ensuring programs that proactively address health and are easy to use. Download one-page overview...

What is the Executive Profile from CVFSolutions, Inc.?

The Executive Profile is an analysis that uses a business methodology to proactively assess the overall health of a manager based on a dietary sampling and other factors, including exercise and stress levels. The profile identifies gaps in current dietary routines and how small, sustainable changes may have a significant impact to their long term health.

Why Executive Profiles?

A Harvard Business Review study determined 57% of participants were converted to "low-risk status" after a six-month wellness program. Proactively addressing health for employees leads to a healthier workforce and a measurable ROI. Start protecting your investment today.