Exercise Planning

Exercise planning is a key contributor for a successful health strategy and an integral part of our overall programs. The challenge we often see with our customers is determining the right amount of exercise necessary to sustain health and achieve certain goals, while balancing against other family or work commitments. In order to address this we use an internally developed approach to exercise planning that we find works with our customers.

Exercise Planning - Details on Approach

» Baseline Exertion Analysis - As is part of our approach it is important not to start on an exercise routine until an initial exertion analysis has been conducted. This analysis will collect the data points necessary to help determine your current state so that a routine can be developed and properly tailored to your goals and objectives.

» Pie Profiling - In order to help create a sustainable exercise routine we have developed an internal methodology we use with our customers called 'pie profiling'. Pie profiling helps determine effective ways to measure, track and aggregate exertion across many different output activities. Everyday tasks, such as, grocery shopping or working around a home, have an exercise component associated with them which contributes to individual goals. How much do these tasks contribute and in what way? Do my daily activities on average create a positive trend towards long term health? How much additional exercise is necessary above and beyond a regular daily routine? Do i need to jog versus running versus working with free weights? How many calories should i be burning? How do build additional exercise into a busy routine? The pie profile helps address these questions in a measurable and quantifiable way.

» Sustainable Recommendations - Using the pie profile we work with our customers to find the right blend of exercise to meet their goals. The recommendations are meant to create a sustainable approach to exercise that fits with the individual's lifestyle and additional life commitments.