Matured Living Nutritional Profile

This profile is designed to help matured adults maintain fitness and longevity. It is crucial to understand changes that maturity brings and how to adjust daily diet and lifestyle routines to take these changes into consideration as part of a holistic health strategy. We use the same business methodology leveraged for corporations to assess the current state of diet and fitness routines based on an extract (sampling) of dietary data. This current state assessment can be used as a premise for a formal gap analysis to consider next steps for improving health habits using a sustainable long term approach. Only through this method can we understand what are the steps towards better health that are going to have the greatest impact with the least amount of lifestyle change. We can prioritize the findings and use this to create 'what-if' analysis so that the impact of changes are well understood and aligned with the goals of the individual.  Download one-page overview...

Matured Living Nutritional Profile - Details on Approach

» Data Capture - Using our standard templates we collect a sampling of dietary data. For mature adults many vitamins and minerals are depleted in different degrees as our bodies mature, so we focus on those that are most pertinent for this phase of our lives.

» Current State Assessment - Once we have the history of a sampling of dietary intake, along with exercise routines and other considerations, we use this to do a current state assessment. Our premise is DO NOT MAKE CHANGES TO HEALTH until we know what we are changing and why. This philosophy goes against most diets which are usually impulse driven making them unsustainable and temporary. Once we have the current state assessment we will present back the findings to determine where there are gaps in diet that may have an affect on short and longer term health. The mature adult nutritional profile covers the following key vitamins, minerals and other considerations:



Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin B6

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12
Vitamin E

Vitamin K













Other Considerations




Lipids (Fats)


» Sustainable Recommendations - Using the current state and gap analysis we would highlight areas where there is opportunity for improvement and then make recommendations on the best way to approach this with the least amount of impact to their everyday routine. Our experence demonstrates that smaller, more sustainable, changes to health and lifestyle are more effective then diets or changes based on fad marketing. We help quantify what is being changed and why and can discuss how the changes improve health over the longer term.

» Feedback Improvements - Like business optimization it is important to have feedback loops. We can go through an additional cycle to see how the changes have impacted nutritional input and discuss next steps to consider for continued health improvements. Our goal is to ensure that the investments made are translated into measurable improvements.