'What-if' Scenarios

Diets and nutritional fads may be beneficial and demonstrate short term improvements to particular health metrics, such as weight loss, but some have the potential to compromise short and longer term health by inhibiting consumption of key vitamins and minerals. We often criticize the dieting process if individuals are encouraged to start diets without assessing the current state of their nutritional intake or understanding how changes to their current routines may impact their overall health.

We encourage our customers to consider doing a 'what-if' analysis prior to making any changes to their diet. What-if analysis uses an approach to decision making to assess impacts based on specified inputs and expected outputs. The result demonstrates how changes to diet will impact health so that they are understood before making the changes. Through this process our customers get a better sense of what to expect from their diet both during the diet and after the diet is complete. It is often surprising when reviewing this analysis how quickly the effects of short term diets are lost in the long term or the compromises that are made in the short term to vitamins and minerals.

Through a what-if analysis our customers get a more complete perspective on the end to end dieting process and can make better decisions on how they want to approach dietary changes while taking into consideration the positive and negative effects associated with them.